Saturday, April 14, 2012

Living Room Ideas

Be it the bedroom, den, kitchen or living room, each of us prefer one particular room in the house. Some people love their bedroom, and feel comfortable in it, it is the one place where they can unwind. Some people, those who love cooking, love the kitchen. Others love the den, where they can read or just be themselves and others love the living room, where the family can come together and where guests can be entertained. Decorating plays an important part in every room's feel and ambience. Some prefer decorating a room in the height of fashion and others prefer cost cutting where decorating is concerned. What is important is to find a balance and create a room that is inviting, relaxing and lovely to look at.

A living room is the first room that your guests are going to look at, it is the place where most of your entertainment is going to be done, and it is also the place where most of the 'living' is done. Decorating a living room can be a nightmare or it can be so much fun, depending on your perspective of decorating. One tip I can give you, is to enjoy decorating and not go overboard. Simplicity is key. Here I am going to talk about three decorating ideas - Romantic, Modern and Ethnic.

Ideas for a Romantic living room
So romantic doesn't mean red paint on the wall and heart motifs all over. A romantic living room could be one where there is comfortable furniture, low lighting and flowers. Why not get a Victorian chair or love seat and decorate around that. Choose one is a red or pink color and work around those colors in your living room. Use a wooden trunk as a coffee table and use dark bottles filled with flowers all over. Your walls can be painted cream and you can frame pictures of the family or your friends on one wall. If you prefer, one wall can be painted a rich luscious red and the frames can be placed on this wall. Curtains can be light filmy green. Your sofa can be jazzed up with some cushions in red and pink. While you are going in for a romantic living room, remember there is a fine line between romantic and girly.

Ideas for a Modern living room
Modern doesn't mean you have to go out and buy eclectic pieces of furniture or contemporary and abstract works of art that cost more than your apartment does. To update your living room into a modern and contemporary feel is quite simple actually. Modern means simple. Go in for furniture that is simple, with classic lines and cuts. One great way to make your living room modern is to make it all one color. White is great way to go. Walls, sofas, accessories, drapes can all be in white. Hints of other colors could be black or gray. A black coffee table with a glass top is great. Cushions in gray or silver would look great on an all white sofa. Do not use vases on tables, instead go in for tall vases that can be placed on the floor and it cal be filled with white flowers. Add some round or square shaped accessories in the room, like candles or other vases.

Ideas for an Ethnic living room
Ethnic means a lot of color and culture in your living room. One great way to decorate your living room or add some oomph to it is by using different fabrics through out the room. Embroidery cushion covers and Indian saris used as curtains are a great way to add a touch of ethnicity to your living room. Beads add an ethnic flavor to the room as well. Fill clear class vases with multicolored beads or fill a bowl with potpourri and beads. Candles are a great way to add color to any room. Select big bright colored candles, and if possible get some with mirror work on them.